2nd Japan Terraced Rice Paddy Weed Art Championship

Last year the 1st Japan Terraced Rice Paddy Weed Art Championship was so successful and popular that the second one this year was held much more attractively and powerfully.

24 teams drew various letters and designs on the grass paths between rice paddies.



They worked on 18th and in the morning of 19th. The site was 30- degree sloped and three meters high.

It was raining all day long on 18th and they had to work at unstable slope. It stopped raining on 19th that their work moved on smoothly under the sun. At noon 25 pieces of work were done.

Tochikubo ELS team drew a design for celebration of 130th year that 12 students designed.

1127-lFarm market was opened at the same time. Many kinds of vegetables, such as potatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, and mini tomatoes helped warm this event up.

One of the participants said, “At the beginning, I thought it stupid to join weeding with participating fee, but I found it fun! ”



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